Please note: after I finish with my current waiting list, (ending with Ashley), I will be taking a break from designing. I will be back, however, I need a creative break to re-stimulate some of my creative juices, as well as to concentrate more on school.
Don't fear - I'll be back! I am not accepting new orders at the moment...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Hi everyone! Hope you're having a wonderful time getting ready for the holidays! I just wanted to let you all know that I'll be a tad bit delayed with all blog design orders until the first week or so of January.
I've managed to, even though I'm done with school, get a part-time "job" working on the farm (Brrrr!). Friday, Sunday, and Christmas Eve are already full with piano-related activities, and I want to try and spend time with my family. The week after Christmas, I'll be heading up to Sight and Sound with my aunt and uncle, as a lovely late-birthday-present. Of course, the week after, I start school, including an AP class... but you didn't need to know all that, right?

Susannah and Hannah - I'm currently working on your designs.
Farmgirl - as they say in jousting - you're on deck. ;)

Merry Christmas!


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