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Monday, November 15, 2010

Portfolio Post + Several Announcements

It's been quite a bit since I've updated you all on my latest design projects, which is certainly not because I haven't been *cough* designing. But here are some recent blogs I've worked on.

This blog is for a book series - it turned out that I actually knew of the blogger through It was a bit tougher than anything I've worked on before, but I'm thrilled with the results!

One of my friends from requested this design for a writing blog that she is a part of. (quick plug - she has a killer book about a female assassin. It's ah-mazing! <3). I adore the way this design came out - it's sort of vintage, partially shabby. What do you think?

This is the first blog I've ever designed with a black background. My preference is and always will be white, but I love working with different styles and colors for other people. I'm loving the greens and blues with the black - very chic!

 Now on to some announcements. You may have noticed the new gadget on the right-hand side, with the little "buy me a Starbucks" logo on it. Reason: I don't get paid for this, and I love doing it for free. However, every now and then, a tip is definitely a perk. So, if you absolutely love your new design, and want to throw a few dollars into the "jar", I have no objection. ;). 

Announcement number two can be explained by this.
*cue music* My very first digital scrapbooking kit will soon be available for free download. This lovely (if I do say so myself) kit was inspired by a bouquet of carnations I was given at the Farmer's Market. The photos that will be included with the kit are unedited, and will be free for any personal, non-commercial use. 
That's all for now folks. I've *cough* quit NaNoWriMo (for scheduling and holiday reasons), so that gives me more time to work on blog designing!


  1. First off, I'm totally going to use that kit, I just don't know when.
    Maybe for Lala Land?
    And second, thanks for the shout out. I feel special!

  2. Awesome! I was thinking of making digiscrap kits too, but I don't have a good enough software (yet).

  3. Looks great Manda! All of the designs and everything! I am loving that name Carnations & Cream-Sounds yummy! :)